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Every TOV comes with 2 year warranty ❣️ Every TOV comes with 2 year warranty ❣️


No sweet talk, you want hard facts. You got ‘em. Yes I can't wait! How long before you ship my order?

Oh no. My TOV needs repairing. What to do?
The first step you took already: consult this page. You are in good hands now. Here is what to do next:
1. Tell us what happened. The more detail, the better we can serve you. Always include:

  • A picture or video
  • Your order number

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2. Wait for personal instructions. We will study your case and get back to you.

Oops, I sent you my TOV for repair, but did NOT report it in advance. I did not follow the normal procedures.
This can happen, don’t worry. We will try to find your package and take good care of it. However, finding it without a proper advance is not an easy job. We have to physically go to another building and play detective. It take lots of time. We charge you a compensation fee of €14,95 to contribute to these costs. The rest is on us.

What is your warranty and when is it applicable?
We give you a 2 years warranty on all jewellery. The warranty does NOT apply to: breakage or loss, to damage due to improper use, to damage due to a modification or repair by a third party, to damage from water, fire or normal wear and tear, such as scratches, to discoloration due to high acidity of the skin, the use of water, perfume, soap, lotion or hairspray and to discoloration due to cleaning with chemical means.

The warranty is not applicable to my situation. Can you still help me? I want my TOV to be perfect again.
Sure we can help. Your goal is our goal. So your TOV problem is our TOV problem. Simply tell us what’s up. We take it from there.

What does it cost to have my TOV repaired by you?
Outside the warranty, repair costs depend on the job that needs to be done. If higher then €50, we give you a price quote beforehand. IMPORTANT Should you find the quote too high, you still need to pay €24.95 for the investigation fee, plus €6.95 for postage. Therefore we highly recommend you first contact us, before sending us your TOV.

Who pays for sending in a repair?
Outside the warranty, the costs of sending in your repair are yours. Make sure to always contact us before sending out any item, so we can cater to your needs. It makes it more convenient for all of us.

Who bears the risk of returning an item for repair?
We are not responsible for damaged or lost items. So please always ask for a shipping receipt when handing over your package, and keep the receipt safe. You may even insure your parcel to avoid any risk of loss. To do so, send your parcel registered. And we cannot say it often enough: always contact us before sending out any item. It just makes the entire process so much more smoothly.

How long do I have to miss my TOV for, when she is out for repairing
Repairing jewellery is a delicate job. The average time to repair an item is 6 weeks, but it does depend on the type of repair.


We love to hear your thoughts. So: let’s talk! There is a direct line between us.

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