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Not all that glitters is gold. But you and I? We are solid. We recognize the real deal.

I like quality. How is a TOV jewel made?
At the TOV Atelier, we only use solid 14k good gold. It is the resource of excellence. Each piece is made by hand and crafted with utmost precision in accordance with international goldsmith standards. We take our time. It’s the essence of TOV’s everyday shine.

Does a TOV piece have only a gold layer or is it pure solid gold? Honestly: I like all my jewels to be solid.
We 100% agree with you. No sugarcoating here! Solid gold makes top-quality jewellery. It means that the whole piece is entirely made of gold, with no base metal underneath. Solid gold is made to last, unlike, for example, gold plated, where the gold layer tarnishes easily. TOV solid gold stays vibrant. Bonus: it is hypoallergenic, so gentle on your skin.

You always use 14k gold. Is 14k gold better then, say, 18k or 9k?
Most definitely. That’s why solid 14k gold is our material of choice. 14k is highly durable and has the perfect color. Scuffs and scratches aren’t really an issue. 14k gold appears brighter than 9k pieces and is much stronger than 18k.
14k is the best of both worlds. Durable and rich. An excellent choice. For shine. Forever.

Shining no mining. I hate products that harm people. What do you do to prevent it?
100% of our gold is sustainable gold, it means that we reuse vintage gold. The vintage gold is melted down and refined until it reaches its most pure form again. It gives you excellent quality without the social and environmental issues of traditionally mined gold. Yes, the gold was mined once. But no new mining is involved to create a TOV jewel.

Goal Power? Sounds good but... what is goal power?
We choose to believe that all TOV Essentials come with Goal Power. Because, we are self-made. We dream it, go for it, get it. But it is not always easy. So we figured, it is good to have a daily reminder of our ambitions. When times get rough, we simply remember why we do it. It may give that bit of extra push, to keep on going.

It works best when you close your eyes and imagine your mission. Do it right from the moment you wear your TOV for the first time. Feel your TOV, feel your power. And off you go. Its a matter of believing. Its a mindset. It works for us. So try it and let us know how it worked out for you.


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We craft jewellery that embody our ambitions. Cause, you and I, we dream it, go for it, get it.

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