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Gold Jewellery

In the TOV atelier, we only use solid 14k good gold. It is the resource of excellence, the essence of your everyday shine.
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Gold Jewellery for Women Handmade from 14k Durable Gold

Embrace elegance, eye-catching style, and timeless beauty with beautiful handmade gold jewellery made of 14 karat gold. These pieces are perfect for everyday wear and special occasions such as parties, weddings, or a casual night out. The collection of durable 14k gold jewellery offers everything from subtle rings and elegant earrings to trendy hoops, sophisticated bracelets, and stylish necklaces:

  • Gold rings: Choose from the collection that ranges from beautiful slip-on rings and elegant pavé zirconia models to bold statement rings.
  • Gold earrings: From bold ear cuffs to dainty pendants, gold earrings offer something for every taste and style.
  • Gold hoops: Go for large hoops or small ones with subtle details and add a touch of flair to any outfit.
  • Gold bracelets: Discover the range of bracelets, perfect for wearing alone or combining with others. Whether you prefer link bracelets or delicate bracelets with pretty pearls or a charming heart as a detail, you'll find something to suit your taste.
  • Gold necklaces: The necklaces range from simple subtle pieces with pendants that are perfect for everyday wear to chunky necklaces that make a real statement.

Find the jewellery that highlights your style, shine and enjoy the sophisticated elegance offered by modern 14 karat gold jewellery. Discover the endless possibilities and enrich your look.

Zirconia and Pearls: The Perfect Addition to Gold Jewellery

Within the collection of 14 karat gold jewellery, many items feature beautiful AAA quality cubic zirconia stones or freshwater pearls. This addition brings an extra layer of sophistication and versatility.

Cubic zirconia stones are known for their bright diamond-like shine and add a sparkling touch to modern 14k gold jewellery. Zirconia jewellery is not only beautiful but also affordable, making it a popular choice.

With pearls, you definitely won't miss the mark either. They add timeless charm and range from pure white to pale pink shades. The 14k gold jewellery with pearls are perfect for women who want to exude classic and elegant style both formally and on a daily basis.

The Benefits of 14 Karat Gold in Jewellery

Gold jewellery made of 14 karat gold is a popular choice because of its perfect balance between quality and durability, but it also offers some other benefits:

  • Waterproof: Gold jewellery is known to be non-fading and resistant to water. So you can shower with them, swim or wear them during a hard rain without affecting their quality.
  • Long-lasting luster: 14k gold jewellery retains its luster and beauty better than jewellery of 18k, 24k or gold plated varieties. This is due to the optimal mix of gold and other metals that make handmade jewellery strong and less prone to wear.
  • Versatility: Gold is perfect for all types of jewellery, from elegant rings to statement necklaces. Its versatility and range of diverse jewellery makes it an ideal choice.
  • Value retention: 14 karat gold jewellery retains its value well over time. This makes them not only a fine addition to your jewellery collection, but also a good investment.

In short, 14 karat gold is strong enough for everyday use without losing its shine. Ideal for those who want a durable piece of jewellery that will last.

Mixing and Matching Different Types of Gold Jewellery

Combining different types of gold jewellery gives your outfit a dynamic and interesting look. A delicate necklace together with eye-catching hoops creates a perfect balance between subtlety and statement. Playing with textures, such as a smooth ring next to a twisted bracelet, gives your look that extra bit of flair.

In the collection, many combinations of the different jewellery made of gold are possible. Get inspired by the jewellery sets to come up with new and eye-catching combinations.

How Should You Clean Gold Jewellery?

Good care for your beautiful gold jewellery is important to keep it in optimal condition. By cleaning regularly with a soft cloth and storing the jewellery correctly, you will prevent damage and wear.

Since the gold jewellery made of 14 karat gold is waterproof, you can safely clean it with water and mild soap without compromising its quality. View and follow detailed tips to maintain your gold jewellery and preserve its beauty.

Giving Gold Jewellery as a Gift

In addition to buying 14k gold jewellery for yourself, gold jewellery is also THE gift to give or get. Treat your mom on Mother's Day with a beautiful necklace or bracelet, or give your best friend a ring on her birthday that symbolizes your friendship. Whatever gold jewellery you choose, with 14k gold jewellery you are giving a gift that will last for ages!

Doubting which piece of jewellery will suit your loved one? Then browse through the 'Most Gifted' category for a selection of the most loved jewellery. Here you're guaranteed to find a piece of jewellery that will be to your taste! Want to make your gift even more personal? Then consider a gift voucher so your wife, girlfriend or mother can pick something that suits her style perfectly.

Discover Your Perfect Gold Jewellery

Take your style to the next level with beautiful TOV jewellery. Discover the extensive collection of genuine 14 karat gold jewellery for women that is perfect for any occasion. Pamper yourself with beautiful gold jewellery and enjoy timeless elegance and durability. In addition, take advantage of jewellery on sale and find special offers. Invest in luxury and timelessness by buying genuine 14k gold jewellery from TOV Essentials.

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