Payment methods

At TOV Essentials we provide a secure payment.
Your account data will always remain protected when you pay online.

If you have access to internet banking you can pay via iDeal in the Netherlands. 

Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard and eMaestro)
You can enter your credit card information safely through our secure SSL procedure 
and we will take care of a proper handling together with your credit card organization. 
Your credit card is charged when an item is sent.

You can pay directly with PayPal. If there is a delayed Bank payment,
your order will be shipped once we have received your payment.

Mister Cash
This payment method is especially suited for orders from Belgium and
similar to the iDeal payment system in the Netherlands. All your payments are
processed through the payment page of your online banking.

From Germany you can easily pay with online banking.
Giropay is working with three banking groups that cover 80% of the German market.

Sofort banking
Sofortbanking is a simple and direct payment method that is used internationally.
Pay your order easily via bank transfer trough your online banking system

Bank transfer
Don't you have a possibility to pay via online banking?
Then there's always the option to pay by bank transfer.
This provides the ability to prepay the purchase price itself through your own bank.
Bank transfer has a longer processing time than for example iDEAL payments.
We therefore recommend always, if possible, pay via online banking.